Introduce solar led flood light Jan 25, 2021

Recently, the solar led floodlight is more and more popular,becasue, they have much advantage

1. auto Lights up in dark, remote control timing,

2. working at 365 days ,even Rainy day, still working, electric bill (charge): 0, No wiring

3. IP66 waterproof, no worrying the torrential rain, waterproof & lightning protection, suitable for multiple environments

4. Intelligent light control auto working at dark and recharge at days

5.easy install and widely used, for example, Led solar floodlights appropriate for signs landscaping,are perfect for security or when you just need a moment of light,or any large outdoor area where lighting is needed.

6. bigger emiting area

a. 60W solar light. emiting area: 100 Square meter

b, 100W led solar flood light. emiting area: 180 square meter

c. 200W outdoor solar led floodlights, emiting area: 200 square meter, can replace 300W Incandescent lamp

d.300W solar led motion sensor light, emiting area: 300 square meter,

(products detail ,check our link:solar led floodlight

auto solar led flood light

7. 2 years warranty,Solve customers' quality worries

choose solar floodlights,The beginning of energy saving

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