How to choose solar led light Jun 18, 2021

More and more solar led lights are used in our life,However, in market,there are too many similar solar light. The quality is quite different under the same appearance.So, choose high quality solar light is very important. Below list the attention part

dawn to dusk solar flood lights

1. Pay attention to solar led light's Power

Before purchase it. We need to know our install place and lighting space, then, choose the currently power(wattage)

When purchasing,not only attention to the quality of the floodl ight,

but also the overall configuration. Including the peak wattage of photovoltaic modules, the capacity of lithium batteries and the stable performance of led flood lights, etc

considering all the problems,then performance can be higher.

2. Pay attention to components

led solar light are made up of components such as lithium batteries and controllers. The components will directly affect the lighting. Especially the lithium battery, which is the key to determining the length of the flood lamp lighting time.

3. Pay attention to the chip's quality

The led chip is the core part of the solar led flood light. If poor quality chip, the led solar flood light 's lifetime will be much shorter, then normally. suggest big brand chip

4. Pay attention to the virtual configuration

Now. In market, for promotion competitive, some factory is with false wattage on solar flood light

5. Pay attention to solar light 's waterproof

Because led solar light are installed at outside and working under the rainy and sunny days, it is very necessary to make good waterproof

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